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Jeff L.

It is with extreme gratitude that I write these words on behalf of Dr. Scott Evans. I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Scott for nearly fifteen years. It was late 2002; I had just returned home to Lodi from a stint in rehab for opioid addiction stemming from debilitating chronic spinal pain due to injuries in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident. My pain level had been 9-10 for a decade. While in rehab I went through rigorous daily acupuncture treatments that miraculously broke up the pain cycle and left me @ 2-3 on the pain scale. Dr. Scott through his compassionate and attentive care has maintained that acceptable level of pain management and kept me free of opioid usage. The first few years my treatments were close to weekly. Now, I am able to maintain my health level with a treatment every three weeks. If you have an aversion to needles, fear not! Acupuncture needles are not at all like the ones used for an injection. They are thin and supple. Truly, you barely feel them. So, if you have a chronic condition and are at your wits end pick up the phone and call Dr. Scott Evans. Because until you have tried acupuncture you have not tried “everything”!!!
In closing; I have unfortunately had reason to see many doctors in my sixty-five years. However, it has been my great fortune, to know Dr. Scott. Without a doubt; you would be hard pressed to ever find a physician more gentle and gentlemanly, more caring or compassionate or more professional and knowledgeable than Dr. Scott.
Thank you & best wishes,
Jeff L.

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